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Invest in your Financial Knowledge!


CS Perceptions

Invest in your Financial Knowledge!

Maximize Your Savings and Invest


Setting aside a portion of one’s income is today’s norm when safeguarding one’s future. Setting up savings accounts with banks are the most common practice by old and young people alike looking to build their wealth and preparing for financial emergencies. Most people don’t realize that a better way of doing this is also possible through investments.

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Using Coconut Facial Oil for Improved Skin

Posted on November 16, 2017
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Want a velvet skin softened and perfumed by a special skin coconut oil? Do not hesitate to take advantage of the benefits of coconut facial oil after taking a shower. Your skin will feel refreshed and have a wonderful scent after just one application.

Coconut oil skin: the beauty ritual par excellence

The virtues of coconut oil are numerous: it brings precious reserves of lauric acid (saturated fatty acid having a strong affinity for the skin and the hair), contains antioxidants such as the vitamins A and E and can reduce the harmful effects of the sun by filtering 20% ​​of ultraviolet rays. To discover the beautiful world of coconut facial oil, immerse yourself in the miracles of coconut oil.coconut facial oil

Coconut oil for the skin: a reference safe and timeless beauty

Coconut oil for skin is nothing new; it has been used for generations, and its properties have been transmitted from mothers to daughters, given the efficiency and accessibility of the product. Yet, in the world of natural cosmetics, coconut oil is not as well known. Indeed, regularly applied with small touches on dry or exposed areas, coconut oil moisturizes and soothes the epidermis leaving, as a trace of its passage, a light and fragrant light layer. In its purest form and if possible in organic version, the coconut oil for the skin will be an ideal complement to your night cream and your body milk, which you can use alternately.

Coconut Facial oil for your skin

You will find coconut oil for the skin in the most common forms: lip balm, shower oil, coconut milk to test compared to coconut oil, exfoliant, soap, makeup remover, moisturizing mask. Of course, there is the multifunctional crude coconut oil (face, body and even hands) to nourish the dried out areas and smooth the epidermis. Whatever these products, if the coconut oil that composes them is of excellent quality, such as extra-virgin and organic coconut oil, its regenerating and moisturizing power on the skin will only increase tenfold. Coconut oil is the perfect remedy for dry skin that needs attention and softness.

Know how to appreciate and reasonably apply coconut oil on your skin

Do you need to regenerate your skin that has been harmed in winter by cold or wind? The restorative effects of coconut oil on your skin will be radical: goodbye to redness and inelastic skin thanks to the face coconut oil! On the other hand, if you apply too much coconut oil on your skin compared to what it is able to absorb, you will find a rich skin with reflections, not to mention the risk of having clothes stained by unsightly halos. For skins with highly developed sebum, it is not advisable to accentuate this trend by resorting to coconut oil, which would then be too fat.



When one starts investing, one needs to be familiar with the term portfolio. A portfolio is defined as investment tools such as; stocks, shares, bonds, mutual funds, cash and many others. These investment tools are all combined depending on the investor’s budget, income, risk appetite and the holding period. This is made in such a way that the risks between the investments are stabilized and that if ever a loss may occur it is only minimal. This combined mix of investment tools is what we call an investment portfolio. Sheaff Brock specializes in managing client portfolios given whatever their risk tolerances might be.

In setting up one’s investments, it is important to set-up a portfolio that maximizes your savings. A portfolio manager like Sheaff Brock is needed to attain professional portfolio management and allocation. This is important to fully maximize the value of one’s portfolio to realize gains and profits. Portfolio management is both an art and science that makes sure that the investment mix and policy matches the objectives of the investment, that it’s assets are well allocated to individuals and institutions, and that risk is balanced against the performance of the investment. In its simplest term, it is managing one’s investments in a diversified way, minimizing risks and losses, for the capital to increase and gain profits throughout the investments holding period. Investments are usually maintained and managed within a given holding period depending on the investor.

Two most common portfolio management types are the active and passive portfolio management.

Active Portfolio Management – the portfolio is managed and maintained by a set of members that actively participate in making the investment decisions for the investment tools available. These members do extensive market research before deciding to invest in any investment avenue.

Passive Portfolio Management – the portfolio is maintained and invested based on a market index, and the investment mix is usually used to invest in the best performing company in the index as the best investment option.

Portfolio management is ideal for people who have little or limited knowledge when it comes to investments. The portfolio manager is the one who will be managing one’s investments as they would have expert knowledge about investing. This is is also ideal for people who have no time spare to do hands-on participation with their investments. As most investments are set-up as passive income for most people, people would rather let a portfolio manager manage their investments for them as they continue working with their full-time jobs. Portfolio management is a convenient way for those without the time and experience in investing to participate and earn through the help of a portfolio manager.

Professional Portfolio Management and Allocation is accurately done by a portfolio manager who is entrusted to make sure that investments are properly managed and well allocated to earn gains and profits. He is charged with investing the portfolio to investment avenues that correspond to the investor’s defined criterion of their age, budget, income, risk appetite and holding period. He is tasked with diversifying the investor’s investments in such a way that only minimum risk is involved when opting for maximum returns. The portfolio manager is the overall keeper of the investor’s portfolio and makes sure that returns are attractive and risks are reduced. The portfolio management process is a going term between the portfolio manager and investors. Throughout the holding period of the investment, the Sheaff Brock reports to the investors regularly to keep them updated with the changes regarding their investment. Together with the portfolio manager, the investors can reach their investment goals and objectives.

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